Campbells Cove,
The Rocks


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Gartner Rose
The Rocks, Sydney
Construct Type
Supply & Installation

Set within the UNESCO World Heritage area, Campbells Cove connects Sydney's most significant landmarks.

In the Campbells Cove Promenade Upgrade situated in the UNESCO World Heritage curtilage of the Sydney Opera House, the pavement design serves as a vital link along the Sydney Harbour waterfront and the “Cultural Ribbon.” This nature and culture walk connects significant cultural landmarks, places, and landscapes, contributing to the rich tapestry of Sydney’s heritage.

Deliberate material selection pays homage to the site’s history, featuring a range of Australian granites with nuanced variations in hues, tones, and finishes. The pavement design employs incremental dimensions, seamlessly transitioning between larger format pavers and smaller setts. This strategic approach not only delineates vehicle and pedestrian areas but also establishes a dynamic public square for hosting events and informal gatherings.

The use of contrasting finishes adds a layer of visual interest, allowing for the playful integration of textures. This thoughtful pavement design enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, contributing to the harmonious blend of historical reverence and contemporary functionality within the iconic Sydney Harbour backdrop.



"The materials were carefully considered to respect the history of the site and feature a selection of Australian granites with subtle variation of hues, tones and finishes." - Context Architecture

The Campbells Cove Promenade Upgrade not only achieves the project objectives but, more broadly, reinforces its significance along Sydney Harbour’s “Cultural Ribbon” and respects the UNESCO World Heritage curtilage of the Sydney Opera House.