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paving the way to a brighter future for Australia.

Australian stone has left its mark on major cities since the late 18th century, with the use of sandstones, bluestones, and granites. Recognised for its uniqueness and desirability in the global market, Australian stone is extensively employed in landmark and culturally significant sites for its inherent durability and strength. From Parliament House, Sydney city streetscapes, to Canberra Metro, its presence is a testament to its lasting impact.

The colours featured in our natural stone range reflect the palette found in the flora, fauna, and natural landscape of the Australian outback.

Our stones capture the stunning hues of the Australian outback, from the earthy greens of native foliage to the rich reds of desert sands. Just like the outback’s vastness and diversity, our collection evokes a sense of wonder and connection to the land. Whether it’s the earthy browns of ancient rock formations or the vibrant reds of an Australian sunrise, each stone tells a story of timeless beauty. By incorporating these colours, we bring the enchantment of the outback into urban projects, allowing you to experience its magic every day.





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