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Australia's largest Granite Quarry.

Adelaide Black granite is extracted from the Black Hill quarry, Australians largest granite quarry, and is a testament to Australian quality and craftsmanship. Located 100 kilometers northeast of Adelaide, our quarry has been a consistent supplier of high-grade black granite for over 50 years. Used across iconic landmarks such as Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall, Campbell’s Cove, Centenary Square in Parramatta, and Canberra Metro.

Granites of Australia takes pride in its primary operation of the Black Hill quarry, contributing for over five decades. The company proudly remains an Australian-owned and operated entity. Additionally, it owns three other granite quarries in New South Wales: Riverina, Mudgee, and Steel Grey. Despite their current inactivity, these quarries hold the potential to be activated or brought into operation.

Adelaide Black
Exfoliated South Australia

 Key Features:

  • Australian owned, operated and produced black granite.
  • Indicated in-ground granite resources, as calculated from the original mine plans, are estimated to be up to: 1,673,000 m3 or 5,000,000 tonnes.
  • Stable supply due to Australian governance.
  • Remarkably low Crystalline Silica content (<2%).
  • High quality black granite with a proven track record across many significant Australian landmarks.