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Proud Australian Quarry Owners.

Established in 1974, Granite’s of Australia owns and operates the Black Hill quarry, strategically situated 85 km to the east of Adelaide, South Australia. In 2008, our journey in the quarrying industry began when the Sam the Paving Man group acquired the site. Sam the Paving Man, initially founded in 1985 as a small husband-and-wife team, worked tirelessly to build an exemplary reputation within the industry. They achieved significant recognition after successfully completing their largest project, the Sydney Olympic Park.


“Our legacy is in the stone we supply and install. We are determined to support our beautiful country Australia, by producing 100% Australian natural stone.” - Sam Harb

Determined to support and contribute to the Australian stone industry, the group made the bold leap into quarrying, despite having little prior experience in the field. Over the course of fifteen years, our group faced numerous challenges and obstacles. However, with perseverance we were able to gain invaluable knowledge and expertise in the extraction of stone.

In February 2023, Granites of Australia and the Sam the Paving Man group made a significant announcement: the acquisition of Tillett Stone. We are thrilled to welcome Tillett, with its remarkable 150-year legacy, into our fold. Tillett specialises in processing Australian stone into various forms such as pavers, tiles, kerbs, and bespoke pieces like stone bollards, seating, and intricate pavement patterns. With this acquisition, our group proudly stands as 100% Australian-owned and committed to producing natural stone sourced and crafted right here in Australia.

Collaborating with Sam the Paving Man for installation, we have successfully installed Adelaide Black stone in some of the most iconic projects not only in Sydney but also nationwide. Among our prestigious projects are Barangaroo, Campbells Cove, Sydney and Parramatta Light Rail,Canberra Metro, Pitt Street Mall, and majority streetscapes in Sydney City.

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