A variety of different surface finishes can be applied to natural stone. Automatic and Semi-automatic machines have been developed to reduce cost and maintain consistent results.

The Architect or Stone Specifier may determine the surface finish of Australian Granite based on the desired colour and physical requirements of the finished stonework.

Please consult your stone supplier, stone installer or Granites of Australia for further information on these finishes.

Most textue & finishes appear on this website are done on Adelaided Black.

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Texture & Finishes

Mirror finish

A high gloss (mirror) finish can be imparted to Granite by grinding with successively finer polishing mediums. This finish is considered the most reflective, finest and smoothest finish available

The full colour, depth, and crystal structure of the stone is visible. Your stone appears darker and the colours seem richer. A polished finish will highlight the character of your natural stone.

The harder the stone is the harder it is to polish. Therefore polished granite will retain its shine for a long time.

A polished finish seals or closes more of the pores of the stone surface which helps the stone repel moisture. It is nearly impervious to weather and chemical wear. A polished finish does not mean you don’t need to seal your stone. Some stones are more porous and need sealing regardless of the surface finish.

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Polished finishes are normally used for benchtops, monuments, cladding, and tiling.


Texture & Finishes

An attractive
satin finish

A Honed finish can be considered to be a partially polished surface and can be described best as a satin, matte or semi polished finish.

Varying levels of gloss can be obtained including:

  • High reflection – near full polish (close to a polish)
  • Egg shell finish – no gloss under normal light

Some loss of vibrancy occurs with the lower gloss levels. It is normal practice is to seal any honed surfaces as they are less stain resistant than a polished finish.

Honed finishes are generally used for internal or external paving as they generally have higher slip resistance and are less prone to discernable wear patterns.

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A high slip resistance surface


Texture & Finishes

Exfoliated (Flamed)
Popular non-slip finish
resembling naturally
weathered stone.

An exfoliated (or flamed) surface finish is achieved by  exfoliating (or flacking off) the outermost grains by passing a granite slab or panel under an extremely hot flame  of around 1100°C to leave a rough textured surface. The crystals exposed in this way are much darker than a sawn surface despite having no gloss.

Exposed edges are generally not flamed to avoid ragged edges.

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The rough textured surface is suitable for slip resistant external or internal paving.

AB_Exfoliated copy

Texture & Finishes

New finish

Description coming soon.

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Texture & Finishes

Other common finishes

Diamond sawn

The surface finish resulting after a block is sawn into slabs using a Diamond Saw (Block Saw, Diamond Wire Saw or Diamond Gangsaw) to produce a surface that is generally smooth with probably some saw marking evident.


Achieved by using a Granite gangsaw (metal blade and cutting medium) to cut slabs rather than the diamond sawing method.

The resulting textured is rougher than diamond sawn and can be used as a non-slip surface where low vibrancy is desired. Surfaces can vary from reasonable flat to heavily striated finishes.


A flat to heavily styrated finish with little sheen achieved by scoring the surface with a diamond blade to leave a rough textured surface with relatively uniform parallel abrasions suitable for slip resistant external or internal paving.

Natural split / Guillotined

Simply as it states, Natural Cut is done by hand. This is the most rustic finish and is best for feature cladding and setts and cobblestones.


European-style cobblestones are now widely used in all external hardscapes. Cobblestones can create accent areas and are suitable for driveways and pathways, or can be used to provide decorative contrast in paving patterns. Generally cobblestones

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Diamond sawn, Gang-sawn,
Natural split /Guillotined, Cobblestone