Industry Update

Dear Customer,

In March 2010, Harb Quarries Pty. Ltd. purchased the ‘Granites of Australia Pty. Ltd.’ business from the Gosford Quarries Group.

Under the new ownership, the business will continue to trade as ‘Granites of Australia’. The acquisition includes the South Australian Black Granite Quarry operation which is well known for its quality dimension stone, as well as other Australian quarry sites and assets.

Under the new ownership, Granites of Australia will benefit from operational synergies with associated businesses heavily involved with supply of natural stone and paving materials such as ‘Samstone’ as well as a specialist paving installation service provided by Sam the Paving Man operation, one of Sydney’s largest paving contractors, collaborating on many cultural significant landmarks including Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney Casino and more recently The University of Sydney.

The addition of Australian natural granites to the overall business portfolio reflects the growing interest and support by local designers, developers and councils who choose to specify and use locally quarried granite in recognition of both its inherent quality and beauty.

As a highly experienced and reliable supplier with proven expertise, Granites of Australia can assure you of the highest standard of product and delivery.

We look forward to being of service to you.


Granites of Australia

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