Proud Australian Heritage

Proud Australian Heritage

The use of Australian granite is evident throughout all our major Australian cities, and has been used extensively since the late 18th century. Many of the beautiful buildings created are still in existence and the granite elements continue to be striking features of their construction.

Australian granites are recognised as unique and desirable by the world market. Exports of finished slab and granite block have been made to Asia Pacific, Japan, Taiwan, China, America, United Kingdom and Europe.

Granites of Australia primarily source product from its Australian owned quarries located at:

1. Adelaide Black Granite Quarry  – Black Hill SA
2. Riverina Granite Quarry – Tocumwal NSW
3. Mudgee Granite Quarry – Mudgee NSW
4. Steel Grey Granite Quarry – Dundee NSW

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Proud Australian Heritage

Australian Quality

Unique Australian granites for the Architectural and Building Industry quarried in  Australia have established a reputation for high quality that exceeds that of many imported granites presently used in Australia.

Australian granites are processed to the highest levels of quality using modern  machinery and facilitate unlimited imagination and versatility in the use of stonework  to the best of world standards.

Beautiful Australian granites are available in a range of world class high quality finishes. Our domestic quarrying facilities and proven logistics capability can provide polished, honed or flamed (exfoliated) products to strict quality controls to meet both your specifications and deadline.

Granites of Australia are able to provide from our extensive quarry resources, or from other Australian granite quarries, high grade Australian granite blocks, slabs, tiles and pavers in polished, exfoliated, or honed finishes in a variety of sizes and in any desired thickness.

Granite dimension stone is used for:
• Exterior and interior cladding of buildings and structures;
• Kerbstone, paving, and landscape features;
• Structural components having established dimensions;
• Grade separations and retaining walls; and
• Monuments.

Our Adelaide Black granite comes in a variety of grades for use in paving and  landscaping, monuments, tiling, kitchen & bathroom benchtops and decorative  cladding.

To help with selection and specification, Adelaide Black can be classified by the  following grades:


Product Description

Typical Applications


A Adelaide Black Imperial
(Select grade)
Wall Cladding
Interior Paving & Tilling
Dark black with highlight grains
B Adelaide Black Austral
Paving Black with subtle lighter greyish flares or veins
C Paving Black with subtle lighter greyish flares and/or veins and fine cracks
D Paving Black with subtle lighter greyish flares, veins and flaws

Granites of Australia have an extensive range of Australian granite available in block and slab form – many ex-stock. Natural product range

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High quality finishes with modern machinery. Variety of usages.