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Due to its inherent beauty and durability, granite has long been recognised as one of the most appealing and versatile natural stones available. With its attractive and hard-wearing surface, granite is used extensively in residential and commercial building and landscaping applications.

With a wide choice of sizes, colours, textures and finishes to enhance design scope to suit any type of application, be it traditional or contemporary, designers are empowered to create imaginative paving schemes and landscapes. Finishes not only improve the design scope of the scheme through texture and colour enhancement, but can also be incorporated to create patterning and features to harmonise landscape design.

Granites unique physical properties enable it to resist weathering and staining to provide enduring performance and longevity. Coveted for its durability, strength and natural beauty, granite paving requires little ongoing care and only gets better with age.

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Wide range of choices, from sizes, colours, textures and finishes. The Sky is the limit.